Broadcasting for Minorities Training Program for Live Streaming and New Media

We provide training opportunities to college interns or public recruits in TV/Radio news reporting, news management, and TV production (special projects). We offer opportunities to those  minorities individuals who have encountered substantial difficulty in gaining access to broadcast careers. The goal of the program is the development of writing, editing, producing and reporting skills. Each trainee will complete the program with a thorough understanding of all aspects of television and/or radio news broadcasting, live streaming, new media or production. They will then qualify for entry-level positions in small-medium size markets.

Need for Program/Issues: 

To Be Addressed According to the Public Research Institute’s report entitled, “What Color is the News,” only 1% of most broadcast newsroom managers are ethnic minorities. “These newsroom managers are people “who make the judgements with respect to news coverage, to overall approaches to assignments and to hiring,” according to David Bartlett, former president of the Radio and Television News Directors Association. Making contacts and networking are critical to the success of the film and broadcast professional. If qualified applicants are given the chance to work for a short period of time in the industry, they are likely to make contacts and develop mentors who can help advance their careers in the long run. This can be an attractive arrangement to stations as long as it involves little cost to them.



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