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Increasing African-American networking over the Internet by broadcasting Live in HD Digital TV.

The M1TV Network, formerly known as MUTV1, was founded by Dr. Ivory Taylor, Dr. Joyce Brown, Mr. Eddie Jones and Attorney Calvin Buchanan in 2013. The 24 hour online station was founded to address issues surrounding African-Americans in this country. The station has invested in the latest technology to deliver quality programing for the M1TV viewers. Today Dr. Noel Hutchinson and Ms. Deidre Malone join Taylor, Brown, Jones and Buchanan as investors in M1 TV Network.

M1TV Network is online 24 Hours 7 Days a week…

M1TV Network is an online TV station that provides 24 hours 7 days a week programming, as well as, original local programming. M1TVNetwork is a non-profit entity with a 501(C3) status. Our mission is to strengthen the African-American community by using public access television to: educate the community; create community dialogue; encourage creative and artistic expression; provide a vehicle for collaborative problem solving; and promote community unity.  

Our network was launch on October 1, of 2012  on broacast television. As of January of 2015, we want to expand our foot print in the community by providing the best information to our viewers.

“We hope this website and the programming contained therein is reflective of the everyday living and thinking of the people in the Mid-South community, or the demographics that we serve. The website reflects the vision of the many people who have been overlooked while pursuing their dreams. This will give them hope and an opportunity to fulfill their dreams.” ~ Eddie Jones, Founder/COO/Executive Producer.

Thanks in large part to Free Press advocacy, the Federal Communications Commission dropped a recent plan to allow more media consolidation. At two other points in the last decade, a federal court had twice rebuked the FCC for failing to even measure ownership levels, as well as failing to ensure ownership opportunities for everyone. These rulings didn’t stop former FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski from floating another proposal to weaken the ownership rules in 2013. A Free Press-led coalition campaign helped push FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler to scrap this proposal. Free Press is now pushing the FCC to create rules that truly promote the virtues of localism and diversity.

When you tune in to your local news, what do you see? More importantly, who do you see?

The typical nightly newscast often depicts people of color only via negative images of black men in handcuffs and Latinos invading our borders. And women are vastly underrepresented in the news. 4th Estate’s six-month study of 2012 election-year coverage  found that major American newspapers and TV news programs featured up to seven times as many quotes from men than women. This held true even when “women’s issues” were the subject.

What happens when women and people of color are excluded from national conversations?

Other people get to tell their stories… or the stories remain untold altogether. This lack of accurate coverage — or of any coverage at all — relates directly to media consolidation. Mergers have kept female and minority media ownership at low levels:

  • Women comprise over 51% of the U.S. population but hold less than 7% of all TV and radio station licenses.
  • People of color make up over 36 percent of the U.S. population but hold just over 7 percent of radio licenses and 3 percent of TV licenses.
  • As consolidation cuts back on the number of TV and radio station owners, women and people of color have fewer chances to become media owners and promote diverse programming.

What We Offer

MUTV1 objectives is to further develop and enhance the connection between traditional TV viewership combined with new innovative waves of broadcasting; Improve access to science and technology; Enhance entrepreneurship and access to financial capital; and build a 21st century media infrastructure.
To strengthen the African-American Community by using Public Access Television to : Facilitate the sharing of information; enhance community dialogue; encourage individual and artistic expression; create an awareness of local interests, views and cultures; provide a vehicle for collaborative problem-solving, and promote community involvement.
TBJ-Media Communications Group, LLC, (dba MUTV1), a registered Tennessee company, headquartered in Memphis, TN operates as an Urban Multi-Media Communications Company established to meet the various educational, entertainment, and news media needs of the African-American Urban citizens residing in the mid-south region, through the operations of Cable television programming; Internet online broadcasting programming; Internet radio programming; News media Internet programming.

Welcome to the site of the Broadcasting for Minorities Training program for Live Streaming and New Media. We’re a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization formed in 2014, to provide training opportunities to college interns or public recruits in TV/radio news reporting, news management, TV production (special projects). We offer opportunities to those minorities individuals who have encountered substantial difficulty in gaining access to broadcast careers. The goal of the program is the development of writing, editing, producing and reporting skills. Each trainee will complete the program with a thorough understanding of all aspects of television and/or radio news broadcasting, Live streaming, New Media or production. They will then qualify for entry-level positions in small-medium size markets.


24 hour broadcasting cable television community lease channel in collaboration with Internet service of; having access to broadcast through UStream, Live Stream, FaceBook, and (viewership also includes cellular devices and tablets)


Increasing African-American networking over the Internet by broadcasting Live in HD Digital TV


24 hour live, over the Internet television network opportunities for  the Memphis/Mid-South viewers with the wellness programs, buying / selling opportunity programs, educational and news informational services.


Meet the hosts of M1 Network shows. This is original programming and we continue to grow our list of shows.

Station Founders

Ivory Taylor

Ivory Taylor

Producer and Director

Dr. Ivory Taylor is an accomplished Senior Executive with more than 14 years of success in the healthcare industry. Leveraging extensive experience with crisis management, Dr. Taylor is a valuable asset for companies seeking guidance on training employees, moving product, and bringing a product to the marketplace. His broad areas of expertise include strategic development, marketing, and succession planning.

Throughout his executive career, Dr. Taylor has held leadership positions as Chairman/CEO of Taylor Brown LLC; Technical Preparation Coordinator for Northwest Community College; Director of Job Training and Development for State Technical Institute, and First Sergeant for the University of Mississippi ROTC Program. He worked for fourteen years as a Corporation CEO, setting strategic direction, vision strategy, modeling, and setting the culture, values, and behavior. Dr. Taylor has been a successful and highly respected educator/administrator at the University, Community College, and Industries workforce development. Dr. Taylor has been the recipient of numerous Awards and Honors, including one of the “Top Men of Excellence: by the Tri-State Defender newspaper, Memphis; 2010 “Company of the Year” by the Black Business Association, and the 2010 “Rising Star Company of the Year by the State of Tennessee. He served 20 years of active duty in the U.S. Army, rising to the rank of First Sergeant (E-8) of combat soldiers.

Dr. Taylor holds Doctor of Education in Leadership, from Arkansas State University; a Certificate of Advanced Study (Project Zero) from Harvard University; a Master of Student Personnel and a Master in Higher Education from, both from the University of Mississippi, and a Bachelor of Science in Training Development from the University of Louisville. Dr. Taylor holds Professional Memberships with Mid-South Minority Business Continuum (MMBC) and Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA); Black Business Association (BBA); TN Office of Diversity Business Enterprise; Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA); American Educational Research Association (AERA); Association of Clinical Research Professional (ACRP); American Pharmacists Association (APA);Southaven Mississippi Leadership Institute, and Halliburton M. B. Church (Jail/Corrections Ministry). In addition, he is the author of Build A Better You; Level of Existence; Reaching Your Maximum Potential, and Building a Community Church.

Eddie Jones

Eddie Jones

Producer and Director

Attended Shelby State Community College and Austin Peay State University (1988), Professional Musician playing Bass Guitar, Keyboards and Drums (1984 to 1994). Marketing & Promotion Director (2003-2006) Created a Mentorship program for young males (1994 –2006), (Program Director) Produced several Public Access programs such as Video Waves, City Beats, Quiet Storm, and Jamm City (1988 to 2004), In September of 2010 formed a Online television station called “ Urban TV1- a platform for independent producers to showcase there talents. In October of 2012, Changed the name to MUTV1 and became the first African American Network to broadcast from Point to Point to Comcast in Memphis with broadcasting on Comcast Channel 31. Producer of several daily and weekly shows such as Black Thought, Dialogue with Deidre, Black Mental Health Matters, The Spirit in Me, Talk Live Sports, Health Living, and What Makes You Beautiful. In June of 2013, MUTV1 changed to multicast and started broadcasting on a variety of platforms such as: Ustream, Livestream, Facebook, M1TV Network can be viewed on Smartphones, iPhones, Tablets, Computers and SmartTv.

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